Skip and Gantry Bins – great for any large clean up or DIY projects you have on the go. Available for short or longer-term hire, with additional collection and replacement of the bin as and when required.

General Waste

Bin sizes range from smaller 3m³ and 4.5m³ skips through to the large 7.5m³ Bins. All three sizes are suitable for general and garden waste.


3m³ bins are the ideal capacity for the removal of concrete, bricks, sand and soil.

Green Waste

Our range of skips from 3m – 7.5m are good for Garden waste matter like shrub trimmings, lawn clippings, general garden waste and tree prunings of branches up to 100mm diameter.

Hardfill is concrete, bricks, paving, stones and cement taken from residential sites. Much of this material is crushed and then used as a compacted base course for asphalt road making. Hardfill must not be mixed with any Green or General household waste.We can also accept clean soil however this must be separated from other materials. If soil is mixed with other hardfill materials, you may incur a higher post-processing fee.

What we do not accept as Hardfill

Reinforced concrete with metal reinforcing mesh still attached, Concrete with particle board still attached or any form of tiles attached e.g. roofing tiles, floor tiles etc.

Skips can be filled with green garden material but it has to be separated from all other waste, meaning no General household waste or Hardfill can be in the same skip. Green waste is post-processed into compost. Green waste includes fresh garden matter like branches, leaves, hedge and shrub trimmings, rose prunings and lawn clippings.

What is not acceptable as ‘Green’ waste
  • mixed loads of general refuse or hardfill and garden waste
  • tree stumps and branches more than 100mm in diameter
  • flax leaves and flax flower stalks
  • bamboo
  • cabbage tree leaves, toi toi, palm fronds
  • gorse and broom in seed
  • oxalis
  • soil and roots heavily covered in soil
  • old compost heaps or animal manure

All the items in the list above are treated as general waste and cannot be composted. The above items are all regarded as General household refuse.

Skip loads of recyclable waste includes all of the items you would place in your Yellow Bin.

  • Plastic bottles
  • Glass bottles
  • Plastic Bags
  • Cardboard and cardboard packaging
  • Newspapers and papers
  • Aluminium and steel cans

Do not mix any other type of waste in a skip containing recyclable waste.

Anything that does not fall into the above categories of Recycling, Household Hazardous Waste (see list above), Green Waste, Hard Fill, Soil or Tyres is regarded as general waste. This is typically the contents of your Red bin.

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